Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grundy County Property Taxes

GC Assessor explains tax/assessment policies in MDH Article
Chicago Magazine explains
Property Taxes? I Protest
MDH - "County (Grundy) Will Decide on Taxes This Tuesday (Nov 11)"
Grundy County Assessor's Office


Anonymous said...

How is it that the assessed value of my home went up over 7% in a market that has been falling for years now?

Anonymous said...

My property value assessments have gone up (in reverse order) 7%, 9%, and 9% in the past three years. Hence, taxes will go up again in a time when people are hurting.

Property values have decreased and unemployment has increased. Who is the "wizard" behind this? You can't find an investment that provides those kind of returns.

Anonymous said...

The depression years after 1929 resulted in widespread property tax delinquency and in several states taxpayers forcibly resisted the sale of tax delinquent property. After the poor were ousted from their homes, the state governments placed additional limits on property tax rates and several states exempted owner-occupied residence from taxation. These homestead exemptions were later criticized because they provided large amounts of relief to wealthy homeowners and disproportionally reduced the revenue of local governments whose property tax base was made up largely of residential property.

I suggest that the county get ahead of the curve on this and not oust the less wealthy from their homes.

Anonymous said...

to 5:56

The assessment is based in January of the year and looks at sales for the previous three years. So this means your AV is up because home sales and the economy were not in the state it is today in 2005-7.

Anonymous said...

I bet those that live in school district #54 are furious. Why has MSD #54 tax levy has increased over 9.4%?

In one short open meeting, following a suspect-lengthy-closed session, the school board's president stepped down last year so that she could be appointed to the newly-created-unadvertised "administrator" position all in a matter of minutes. Surprise to the public.

The new "administrator" (the term is used loosely for she is not qualified to be an administrator) is collecting a paycheck (over $60,000) while the taxpayers are also paying her way through college to get qualified for the position.

The school district's levy went up over 9.4% this past year and now a special meeting must be held. The Morris Daily Herald asserts that, "The state requires a hearing when a school district's administration costs exceed those of the year before by 5 percent or more. The district's hiring of a district administrator during the past year put the increase well above 5 percent."

In my opinion, this is equivalent to the AIG parties at the expense of the taxpayers. What corruption are we allowing to go on in our schools?

A bird's eye view of the situation: they cut programs for teachers and students to pay for this un-qualified person who crafted the position and surpisingly filled it in a "twinkle of an eye."

Now the people with property in the district must pay more. 9.4% increase?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the levy is the amount proposed to cover their expenses, I know my personal expenses have increased dramatically, so I assume they are also paying more for heat/electricity/food/health care/pensions etc. This does not equate to a 9% rise in the tax rate, which I believe for D54 actually went down, due to the increased value/new homes added to the tax rolls.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are you?

Anonymous said...

I just tried to refinance my home and the appraisal came in $68,000 below my Grundy County Assessor's valuation (about 27% overvalued). I'm not going to refinance because the PMI is too much for my budget. I talked with another couple who stated that their house is assessed at $300,000and their appraisal came in at $210,000 (over 40% overvalued).

horno the eighth dwarf said...

Did you get your "reassessment" in the mail the other day? Do you REALLY think your home went up 3-5%in value in the past year? This is ridiculous, and the county taxing bodies are laughing all the way to the bank. How many more senior citizens are going to lose their homes before there is a taxpayer uprising in this county?