Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

GNEP - Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

Should the Dresden Station area be the home of the Dept. of Energy's nuclear fuel recycling facility?
MDH Article 8/14/08
MDH 8/11/08 Article - DOE punts GNEP to next president.
MDH 8/8/08 Article - "GNEP to Morris: Not now"
From arming warheads to lighting lightbulbs- 8/7/08 Editorial
MDH 8/5/08 article on Nuclear Waste
A step back on GNEP- 7/26/08 ChiTrib Article
Bush's GNEP under fire
A decent blog site about GNEP
What is GNEP?
Yucca funded, GNEP 'zeroed' - is this the end of GNEP? (6/26/08)
DOE Releases Domestic GNEP Industry Reports and Presentations (5/08)
MDH GNEP Article (04/08)
Nuke Notes Blog about proposed Morris site (1/08)
Union of Concerned Scientists (6/07)
NEIS Comments on GNEP - Comments by nuclear power watchdog on proposed Morris site (2/07)

Morris School Consolidation

Should the Morris schools (Saratoga, District #54, Nettle Creek, and MCHS) consolidate?
Must Read - paper on the benefits of consolidating Morris schools.
NREA Consolidation Report
Mackinac Center Report on School Consolidation
Illinois Assoc. of School Boards
"The Illinois Association of School Boards shall seek, encourage, and support efforts for school district reorganization — in all forms — to include a requirement that before such reorganization is deemed passed, a majority vote of voters in each of the affected districts is necessary. (IASB 7.2: Adopted 1987; Amended 1988, 2006)"