Friday, April 10, 2009

The source of job losses in the U.S. - Offshore Outsourcing?

Our jobs will continue to be exported until the workers of the U.S. lower their standard-of-living (wages) to a point that is equivalent to that of the rising standards-of-living in India, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, etc. Some call it "Globalization" while others call it "Unpatriotic" and others call it "Exploitation." No matter the name, it is here...are we prepared for it? Though the most productive workers in the world are in the U.S., they must prepare for globalization.

Stats on Offshore Outsourcing
CNN Video (8 minutes)
List of U.S. Companies that outsource U.S. jobs
The top 100 service providers that help U.S. companies outsource U.S. jobs
What is Outsourcing?
The Other Side of Outsourcing - The Author of "The World is Flat" YouTubes how Outsourcing is good.
A sarcastic/morbid view of Outsourcing by The Onion.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 09 Elections

Thoughts on this year's elections and ideas for next?